Man on Man Sailor Romance with a Cruel Twist of Tickle Torture

A 25,000 Word Novella

When Hot Men Go to Sea for Months or Years, They Often Find Their Own Ticklish Ways to Pass the Time

It is an era of darkness in old Spain, a time of the Inquisition, famine, disease, and death. When 18-year-old Damian’s mother develops a terrible illness, he finds the only way he can pay for her care is by signing a contract to go to sea as a cabin boy. Now, with a journey of more than a year ahead of him aboard a pirate ship, Damian must do whatever it takes to fit in with these burly men, the likes of which he has never before known.

Damian’s captain, however, has other plans for the lad that go far beyond his toiling on the deck under the blazing sun in his young, bare feet. While Damian doesn’t yet know it, Captain Noe owes his very life to this young man for an act of courage Damian was never even aware of. Now Noe must do everything in his power to protect the youth from the cruel realities of life at sea.

And there are many such realities. Some of the two men’s adventures include a terrible storm that nearly kills them, not to mention capture by the Royal Spanish Navy that scourges both Damian and Noe to hard labor as galley slaves. They daily strain at the oars with the minute-by-minute risk of terrible punishment, chained there with the idea of rescue as their only faint hope. Damian is not physically ready to be a galley slave however, as he is not yet strong enough. But the Royal Spanish Navy has ways of getting him up to that level of strength in no time. These terrible methods include cruel regimens of exhausting and humiliating forced workouts, not to mention bitter, ticklish punishments for any laziness he might dare display.

But even with these two men’s lives as bleak as they might seem, Noe and Damian have another spark of light in their existences. They do not yet know they both share a deep passion for merciless tickle torture that would drive many men well past the brink of insanity. Noe wants to tickle Damian. Damian wants Noe to tickle him. And the passion and tension slowly build between these young, sexy seamen as they grow closer and closer to finding in each other the fulfillment of their deepest, most intimate desires, not to mention the hope necessary to stand strong in a cruel, bitter world.

Will Damian finally feel the captain’s fingers exploring his warm, vulnerable young flesh, creating a ticklish agony that will leave them both breathless? Will they escape the clutches of their captors and find freedom from slavery? Will Damian ever understand just why Captain Noe owes the young man his very life? Find out in Ticklish Pirate.

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  • Livre de Reliure: Kindle Edition
  • Catégories: eBooks
  • Date de sortie: 2016-12-04

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