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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback collections of the best in classic science fiction short stories, complete with original illustrations. Enjoy our fourteenth collection of Science Fiction Gems. SCIENCE FICTION IS GOOD FOR YOU! Yes, that’s right…Science Fiction is good for you. My good friend Dr. Grimshaw has been telling me this for quite some time now. Come on down to his sanitarium and he can explain it to you. Never mind if you don’t come back quite the same as you were before. Then there’s our buddy, Chafnu. Chafnu may be a Martian, but he can tell you all about the importance of science fiction, all the while convincing you that you should give up your job to one of his Martian pals. There’s also Sim Potts. Sim not only knows how good science fiction is for you, but he got a dose of it first hand when he saw some strange guy running down the hill near his farm, screaming his lungs out while be chased by good old Mother Nature herself. And if all this isn’t enough to fully convince you that science fiction is a true boon to mankind, then take the word of sci-fi beneficiaries like Isaac Asimov, Jerry Sohl, Clifford D. Simak, Rog Phillips, David H. Keller, Jack Sharkey, and many others who will all tell you that science fiction is the best thing that ever happened to them or anybody else. So why not give it a try…? The contents are: SECRET OF THE LIGHTNING By Robert Moore Williams, Jr. REFUELING STATION By Rog Phillps DEATH IN TRANSIT By Jerry Sohl DR. GRIMSHAW’S SANITARIUM By Fletcher Pratt A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR By Henry Slesar “YOU’LL NEVER GO HOME AGAIN” Clifford D. Simak ONE OF THEM? By Robert Abernathy THE PENT HOUSE By David H. Keller SOMEDAY By Isaac Asimov THE CONTACT POINT By Jack Shakey OH MESMERIST FROM MIMAS! By Roger Dee WRECK OF TRITON By Alfred Coppel BEYOND THE TIME DOOR By David Wright O’Brien THE GOLDEN GIRL OF MUNAN By Harl Vincent